About the Center

The Legislative information center - structural subdivision of the NLR.

The primary purpose of activity is free access for citizens to legislative information on the base of modern information technologies.

The center was opened in 1999 within the framework of the interdepartmental program "Creation the all-Russian network of public legislative information centers on the base of accessible libraries"

In 2007 the branch office - "Economic legislative information center" - was opened in the New building of the NLR. See pictures ... 

Activities of the Center:

  • Organizing free access for citizens to legislative data bases;
  • Legal advice provided by lawyers within the framework of the state system of free legal assistance;
  • Organizing work of the legal clinic – a place where one can obtain legal advice and assistance, provided by students;
  • Developing guides on law and economic information on the Web;
  • Assistance with information requests including online-services for users from abroad;
  • Information and tutorial assistance for regional legal information centers;
  • Learning in the use of legal databases;
  • Working on projects aimed at promoting legal knowledge in collaborating with other institutions;
  • Legal research in the field of legal informatization.

Principles and tasks:

  • Enforcing the constitutional right to information;
  • Providing full reliable up-to-date information;
  • Heightening information and legal literacy level.

About the web-site  http://nlr.ru/lawcenter_rnb

The website  is developed and maintained by bibliographers of the Legislative information center of the National Library of Russia. The goal of the website is to assist users in finding legislative information (in Russian and English languages) in the Internet. First of all the website is attractive for mainstream audience  as a guide to legislative and economic resources and legislative mass media. This function is realized by the website ‘Guides’, which represent structural information about Internet resources on law and economy in Russian and English languages.

The special feature of the guides is integration of the library resources, the Internet and electronic data bases on Russian legislation with experience of bibliographers and high technologies.

The guides on the website help to find plenty of useful links to electronic resources:

Legislative Internet resources

Economic Internet resources

Visitors can find links to pages of the information centers and agencies, of companies providing legislative services, of educational institutes which have law department, of legislative information centers, which provide socially significant information for citizens.

There is a detailed list of links to websites of Russian authorities, federal as well as subjects of the Russian Federation, also to portals of international organizations, websites on legislation and government systems of different countries, legislative libraries and etc. There is a wide range of specialized portals, electronic periodicals for lawyers, economists, workers of libraries, science officers, engineers, for employees of state and public organizations which aim to protect the rights and interests of citizens, corporate persons.

Informational value of the resource is caused by unprecedented demand for the legal information in connection with incessant lawmaking in the country.

The bibliographers of the Legislative Information Center also develop two historical Internet resources, telling about life of celebrated personalities. The first resource is dedicated to activity of the veteran of military investigation, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, one of the heads of well-known «the Red chapel» A.M. Gurevich. The second is dedicated to  A.I. Shingaryov, who used to be the publicist and the statesman of pre-revolutionary Russia.