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The website is easy to navigate with the help of navigation links at the top of the page as well as breadcrumb links to help you go back to the parent page. The search box on the home page was helpful to quickly find what I was looking for. I also enjoyed browsing through the Online Exhibitions section of the website. It may be useful to have a media section of the Legislative Information Center to reference videos and audio files, as that may be appealing for your website visitors.

Mike Hall, ClayTrader, Director of Online Marketing, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I wanted to get in touch after coming across your Resources page. I loved the helpful resources you curated.

Tom Manuel,, Boca Raton, FL USA

I saw your list with online educational resources here, and thought our article about Finding and applying to college scholarship maybe would be worth a mention.

Lisa Row, Sympathink, Boston, US

Hi, Came across your resources page and it's really awesome! Keep up the good work. I have a similar piece and I think it would make an awesome addition to your resource page - 17 rules to protect my kids online.

Gerrard Lee USA


I'm contacting you on behalf of - a site dedicated to providing the most accurate financial information out there. In hopes of promoting financial literacy, we have created what we believe to be the most comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for students. We were hoping that you would be interested in sharing our guide alongside your list of resources at .

Jean Quintero, Outreach Specialist, Orlando, FL, USA


I was browsing your site and I saw that you mention on this page here. I thought it was a really interesting resource, so thank you for that!

Ines Jovanovski, teacher, USA


It's Joe here from Sortedforyou. I’m reaching out because of your piece here. I’ve just published a piece on "The Survival Guide For Specially-Abled Kids" that I thought might make an awesome additional resource for your piece.

Thanks for adding the link!

Joe Fuller,, New York, USA


My name is Janice and I am an Editor at Your RV Lifestyle. I just finished writing a guide on the 100 best things to do in France. If you like the guide we’d be humbled if you cited us in your article. Either way, keep up the great work!

Janice, Whitianga, New Zealand


Hi, Could I ask for the Code of Seafarers of Russian Federation? But I doubt if there is such kind of code, cause I couldn't find any information about this in English through internet. Thank you!
Chen Jingying
School of law, XMU Xiamen University, China


My name is Maggie Thompson, and I’m writing you on behalf of, a senior care organization that seeks to support family caregivers, their loved ones, and professionals in the senior care community. I work with a group of senior care advocates and based on conversations with the caregiver community, more and more highschool and college students are taking on the role of caregiver for aging loved ones. To help support these students, we have made available scholarships that can provide financial assistance. You can read more about our work here: We would appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you to share this anywhere on your website, as it would be of tremendous value for students who are juggling caregiving and educational responsibilities.

Maggie Thompson Community Outreach and Senior Advocate San Mateo, CA, USA

I am super interested in an opportunity to write for your website. If you would be so kind to allow me an opportunity to contribute to your website, I would be thrilled.
Jamie Wood, USA

13.04.2018 My name is Kinley Brown, I am a Licensed working Registered Nurse in Alaska for 9 years and a Web Educator of Nursing Career Guide (ANJD) website ( I made this website as a platform that offers detailed information about Nurses and various Nursing Careers. I hope you lend a helping hand to reach out wider to the aspirants by allowing us to post our links on your esteemed and renowned website.
Kinley Brown
Alaska, USA
11.04.2018 Last year, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conducted a study which reveals the most in-demand bachelor's degrees among employers. These are business administration, finance, and accounting. We at Discover Business have created a database of business schools in the US, where prospective students can carefully evaluate their schools of choice. You can find it here: Business School Program Guide. I thought this is something that you might be interested in. If you like the database, I would like to suggest including a link to it here.
Susan Campbell 
Community Engagement Manager, 
Seattle, WA, USA
06.04.2018 Dear Editor, My name is Janet and I’m a writer at Your RV Lifestyle. I was doing research on things to do in France and just finished reading your wonderful blog post. I noticed that you cited a solid post that I’ve read in the past: I just finished writing a guide that is even more detailed, updated and comprehensive on the 100 best things to do in France. It is over 10,000 words and packed with practical tips and advice. You can find it here. We’d be humbled if you cited us in your article. Either way, keep up the great work!
Janet Rogers 
Writer at Your RV Lifestyle
Melbourne, Australia
24.01.2018 Hello, I am sorry to bug you, but my name is Keri and I am a teacher. Your site is fantastic and I've been using your page as a resource material for my Values Education class. I have found another useful resource that I'm now also using I have read the article and found it to be exceptionally educational which is why I decided to write to you. If you can add it to your resource page, I think it would be helpful to others as well. Please let me know any comments you have. 
Keri Evans
14.12.2017 My name is Erica from Discover Business Online. Our team was recently in direct correspondence with the admission office of all colleges and universities in the US that offer business education. We selected the top value for money business degrees and collated the information into a user-friendly database. You can our finished work below: Guide to Business Degrees in the US. We also included guides on passing college entrance exams (ACT, SAT) and graduate school admission exams (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL). If you would take a few minutes to review our resource, I am sure you would see how useful it can be to someone who is looking to enrol in a business school. If you agree, we would appreciate it if you would put a link to our resource available on your page here. I see that you have added other college search resources on that page. I believe our resource is going to be a great addition to the list. 
Erica Richards
DiscoverBusiness, Seattle, WA, USA
29.11.2017 The Foreign, Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section (FCIL-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries is now accepting applications for the 2018 FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians. The Grant subsidizes a foreign law librarian to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), the world's largest law librarian professional organization. Applicants must be law librarians or other professionals working in the legal information field, currently employed in countries other than the United States, and with significant responsibility for the organization, preservation, or provision of legal information.
Hunter Whaley
FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians Selection Committee, New York, USA
14.09.2017 My name is Kristen from Discover Business Online. A few months ago, I discussed with you the educational resource we built - a comprehensive list of accredited online mba programs in the US. You have since shared the educational resource on your page below: Economical Internet Resources. I am emailing you today to let you know that we have since published two other educational resources. The new resources are for those who are interested in pursuing an MBA degree in Accounting and Finance. I am hoping that you will also share these two resources on your page. I believe they are going to be useful to your webpage’s audience base. These two new resources, like the first one we sent you, are also open for public use. They can be accessed at no cost. They are also non-promotional and non-profit. 
Kristen Morris 
Community Engagement Manager, 
DiscoverBusiness, Seattle, WA, USA 
15.08.2017 My name is Evelyn. The purpose of the project is to assist those who are thinking of enrolling in a business or accounting program. You may ask why we focused on business and accounting degrees. These two are among the five most in demand degrees in the US. In the future, we plan on expanding our work to include other degrees as well. If you find these useful, I am hoping that you will make them available on your page. I would appreciate it if you include a link to the resources on your page below: Economical Internet Resources
Evelyn Crane 
DiscoverBusiness, Seattle, WA, USA
02.08.2017 My name is Phoebe. I wanted to ask how you feel about higher education accreditation. Do you agree that it is important for a school’s degree program to be accredited? I believe that accreditation is important. It means that a school’s program has passed the strict parameters of an accrediting body. Because of this, I’m working with career experts Prof. Dennis Masino and Jackie Giuliano, Ph.D. to collate a list of business and accounting schools with accreditation. The result of our work can be found below: 
Accredited Online Business Degrees 
Accredited Online Accounting Degrees 
These are open resources and are open to everyone. There is no cost involved in their use. If you find these useful, I am hoping that you will make them available on your page. I would appreciate it if you include a link to the resources on your page below: Economical Internet Resources
Phoebe Russell 
DiscoverBusiness, Seattle, WA, USA
04.07.2017 Dear Editor, 
I was searching the web for information on South Africa and saw your great post here. I noticed you mentioned in your post, and just wanted to give you a heads up that I recently wrote a blog post you might like. It’s a detailed, up-to-date 7,000 word guide on the 100 best things to do in South Africa and is packed with detailed tips and advice. If you like it, all I ask is for you to link to or share the article on your site. Either way, keep up the great work! 
Jess Miller,
Whitianga, New Zealand
29.06.2017 Hello, I came across The Law Center and I noticed you had excellent resources, support and information here, Our organization is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for individuals with cerebral palsy. I’m the advocacy director at Cerebral Palsy Group. Our foundation provides free educational information and support to those who have been affected by cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. 
Would you mind adding our informational resource here - Cerebral Palsy Lawyers to help children and families in need? 
Alison Sanchez 
Advocacy Director | Cerebral Palsy Group 
Windemere, Florida, USA
10.05.2017 My name is Margaret Jones, a Web Educator of Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) website ( ). This is a platform that offers detailed information about LPN. We hope, you lend a helping hand to reach out wider to the aspirants by allowing us to post our links on your esteemed and renowned website. 
Margaret Jones, a Web Educator of, USA
08.05.2017 My name is Kristen from Discover Business. Discover Business provides no cost resources to prospective business degree students. You can find the resource here: 2017 List of Best Value Business Degrees. If you like it, we would appreciate if you would consider including a link to the resource on your website here. This way, it will be easily available to recent high school grads in your community who are interested in pursuing a college degree. 
Kristen Morris, Discover Business Degrees, USA
13.04.2017 How are you? I hope everything is going well. I wanted to share a new resource with you. We are recently working with a new site to provide greater insight, offer more information and most importantly sort through all the different internship platform that are available to students. I believe this resource would serve as a wonderful addition and provide value for those who utilize your site.
Savannah Robinson, USA
07.03.2017 My inquiry is connected to a 2016 survey conducted by Forbes which revealed that 3 out of the top 5 most in demand degrees in the US fall under business education. In response to this, we published a number of business degree guides. I hope you would agree to add a link to our resources on your page. 
Susan Campbell 
Community Engagement Manager, 
Seattle, WA, USA
03.02.2017 My name is Paul and I work for an organisation that helps businesses with all of their document storage needs. When I was researching a few topics for our blog, I noticed you link to The National Archives from this page on your own website: We also cover a lot of the same issues covered in The National Archives , so I feel it would be beneficial to your users to link to us too.
Paul Jones 
Secure Storage Services Ltd, Liverpool
05.11.2016 Hi there, Just wanted to say thanks for creating your LEGISLATIVE INTERNET RESOURCES page I found some great resources on there that I hadn't seen elsewhere. Another site you might want to add to your page is 4LawSchool which has thousands of free case briefs and other resources for both students and practicing attorneys. 
Gail, USA
18.10.2016 Hi, I’m writing to you from, a website dedicated to conducting unbiased research about criminal justice education and career opportunities. Would you be interested in featuring our research on your web page.
Savannah Robinson, USA
22.09.2016 I’m with Best Colleges, a website dedicated to conducting data driven research about higher education in the United States. Visitors to your site might find these education references useful as well, can you share our research by including it as a link on one of your web pages? 
Amanda Miller
Best Colledges, USA
01.09.2016 My name is Pam, from Discover Business Degrees. 
I was searching for career resources with contents for assisting prospective college students, and I found your page here: 
I also can’t help but notice that you linked to one of my favorite college search resources from last year: 
Anyway, great work with the page! 
Discover Business Degrees, USA
22.08.2016 I noticed The National Library of Russia has valuable information and resources regarding education and other topic matter for students here
Our organization would love to be included in this list. 
Brittney Anderson
Find Your Context , USA
05.08.2016 My name is Laura and I am a Mathematics teacher. I have been researching for good resource material for my summer program class and came across your page, It was complete and very useful so thank you for your helpful resource! 
Laura Pipitone
22.06.2016 I noticed that you have teacher resources on economy, government and politics. 
I enjoyed checking out the list that you compiled and so I thought of sharing the ones I have with you as well. 
Caroline Hampton, Sanford, NC, USA
13.06.2016 First off, I wanted to compliment you on the page you have created at. I think it would be great if you could share our Free Legal Forms Library as an additional resource for your readers. Jamie Smith 
FormSwift , San-Francisco, USA
03.06.2016 My name is Ashley Rose who works as an independent research analyst in the education sector. I recently visited your website while looking for education guidance. I have updated the information I was looking for on. Maybe you’d want to include this resource - How to Become A Police Officer.
Ashley, independent research analyst in the education sector
04.04.2016 Good Morning! I am a Spanish student at the Complutense University of Madrid, I am doing work on the laws that apply in Russian libraries. You need to know the name of the laws that apply to libraries. Thank you very much ANA TERESA MARTINEZ GABALDON
03.03.2016 Hello, mein name is Elena and I am a PhD student from Germany (University of Bonn). For the next 2 months I will continue my researches for my PhD thesis in St.Petersburg. Therefore, I will also need access to legislative data bases and to legal literature ( scientific articles; textbooks; commentaries to legislative instruments). I would therefore like to know whether I am allowed to use the National Library or whether it only allows access to russian cirizens.
Elena Brandt, Germany
20.01.2016 Hi, my name is Rick Bridges and I'm the founder of Criminal Justice Paths. We're aiming to be a resource for those currenty in the criminal justice career field and those entertainig the idea of getting into the industry. We noticed that you had a links/resources page here. Is there any way that you might review or check out our website and consider it to be listed on that page? We're trying to spread the word about our new site and it would be really helpful.
11.01.2016 Hi, I see you’ve shared other useful websites for kids so I wanted to drop you a quick email and tell you about a resource page we’ve created that organizes the many excellent websites out there that can teach kids (or help parents and educators) about personal finance, business and economics.
I thought that it might supplement the other kid-friendly websites you have listed on this page of your site Best regards, Ross.
23.12.2015 Здравствуйте! 
Хотели предложить к размещению у Вас в каталоге информацию о нашем ресурсе: - всё для сметчика, сметные программы России. Например в раздел: Строительство 
Спасибо за то, что Вы делаете! Всего доброго!
С уважением! Максим Горинский 
Компания «Галактика ИТ»
18.08.2015 Your support is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful week. All the best,
12.08.2015 I noticed that you list a number of online learning resources on your page here. We recently updated our expert-driven guidebook called Online Schools and Effective Learning Techniques, and we'd be delighted if you'd add it to your list of resources. Will you help us support the growing online student population by including our guidebook as a link resource on your site? 
Angela Hanners
Director of Communications, Accredited Schools Online, USA
11.08.2015 I want to share with you today a quick reference guide to all International and ISO Country codes which I think your visitors will find of use. I can see you have published other related information here and I wondered if you might consider citing our guide on this page as well.
Natalie, С, USA
06.08.2015 My name is Roxanne and I am the Editor in Chief of website and blog. Would you please consider listing us as a resource on your "Legislative Portals" part of the Internet Resources section here. Our website is and we're an educational resource specializing in criminal justice degrees and careers. We also have an extensive compilation of stats, trends and news on criminal justice. 
Roxanne Baker, Editor in chief, USA
07.04.2015 I am reaching out to thank you for your continued support of Affordable Colleges Online. By including us as a reference on your page here: , you help with our growing efforts to make our education resources available to as many students and families as possible. We’ve recently published a new resource on the rise of the not-for-profit online degree that I believe would be an excellent addition to the other wonderful resources you provide. 
David Osnoe
Director, Community Outreach & Partnerships Affordable Colleges Foundation, USA
02.03.2015 I wanted to share with you a resource that we recently published because it would be a great addition to the educational resources found on your webpage. We are pretty excited about it as it has already picked up some attention from other educational institutions. Our most recent project was looking into Criminal Justice programs online and traditional. Our main hope, is that these resources will enable students and their families to make the most informed decision for their education and career. Please let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. 
I will be sure to send you new resources as they are developed. 
Julie Bore, Seattle, WA, USA
15.04.2014 While looking for resources dedicated to building academic skills, I came across your site and thought you might be interested in a great e-learning guidebook. This guidebook was designed to help students learn online more effectively. Our new guidebook is the result of months of work, would you mind adding it to your site as a link resource? 
Dan, USA
17.03.2014 I'm the resource curator for EducatorLabs. I’m building out our resource section (, which will eventually cover a wide range of educational topics. We hope to have a bountiful collection by mid-year (a daunting task, if you ask me!) :) I’m writing to seek permission to copy out some of the citations you make on this page: There are several there that I think would make for nice additions!
Michelle, USA
05.02.2014 While I was doing some research, I came across your site, . Fantastic list! 
Wes Exon, USA
22.01.2014 Hey, Are you still updating I'm trying to get in contact with the person in charge of the Legislative Internet Resources Page. If you could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
Best regards,
Wes Exon, USA
26.06.2013 I appreciate the simplicity of your site. It's so well-formatted and easy to navigate. That's so important for your visitors who are trying to quickly find the resources that they need. I was able to find the information that I was looking for in no time at all - that's a big plus for me. Sarah Moriarty, Brookline MA, USA