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Petrine Archive of Voltaire

The National Library of Russia presents the online resource Petrine Archive of Voltaire which showcases materials from the Voltaire Library. The Voltaire Library preserves five volumes of documents that Voltaire used when working on The History of the Russian Empire under Peter the Great (Histoire de l’empire de Russie,  t. 1–2, Genève, 1759–1763). These documents are translations into French of historical sources about the activities and personality of Peter the Great. The online project continues our programme  to make our important manuscripts freely available to anyone with an internet. 


Early Examples of Soviet Industrial Graphics

On display is an Interesting selection of soap wrappers from the collection of the National Library of Russia. The exhibition features the beautiful examples of Soviet industrial graphics dating back to 1921-34. 


Academician-Arabist Ignaty Krachkovsky: his Collection of Oriental Manuscripts

Academician Ignaty Krachkovsky is the founder of the national Arabic school. His collection of Oriental manuscripts was donated to the library by his widow Vera Alexandrovna. The content of the collection reflects the collector's interests: Arabic literature, especially poetry, forms a significant part of it. 


Festival of Libraries in New Delhi

On August 5-6, New Delhi hosted the G20 Festival of Libraries organized by the Ministry of Culture of India. It brought together experts from different countries and featured discussions on the modernization and digital transformation of libraries, as well as on library-oriented policies.


Library Telebridge: Russia - Uganda

During the second Russia-Africa Summit (27-28 July, St. Petersburg) the National Library of Russia organised a "Library Telebridge: Russia - Uganda", which was attended by representatives of the National Library of Uganda.


XVI International Conference "Central Asia - 2023" in Bukhara

On May 23 in Bukhara Library and Information Center (Uzbekistan) was held a press conference dedicated to the XVI International Conference "Central Asia - 2023: Internet and Information and Library Resources in Science, Education, Culture and Business".


Journey to St. Petersburg of the 19th and Early 20th Century

The National Library of Russia invites you to a virtual journey to Saint Petersbug of the 19th and early 20th  century. You can get there through the "color photographs" by the Photoglob Company! The photochromes show the central streets and squares, famous architectural sights. For example, you can see Palace Square with the Alexander Column and Nevsky Prospect. The statue of Emperor Peter the Great on Senate Square, the Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac's Cathedral. 


Library Telebridge: Russia - Mongolia

On June, 23 "Library Telebridge: Russia - Mongolia" took place in the course of which the representatives of the National Library of Russia and the National Library of Mongolia exchanged their professional experience and discussed the prospects of cooperation.


10th Forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus

On June 26-28, Ufa hosted 10th Forum of Russian and Belarusian Regions. The main theme of the event is: "10th anniversary of the Forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus: results and prospects".