Genealogy Center

The  Genealogy Center  promotes the revival of genealogical research in Russia.  It studies the history of a country through the history of families. The Center has become a methodological center and headquarters of the Russian Genealogical Society  established  in 1991.

Important Activities

The Center is engaged in:

  1. Research activities

    • Genealogical source study; studying the genealogy of various social communities, the most important sources of genealogical and family history information, and so on.
    • Genealogy and history of individual families.
      • Families bearing the same name. Compiled by A.V. Krasko.
      • Lists of ancestors in several generations and other genealogical materials from the Erik Amburger collection, related to foreigners and their Russian descendants.
      • Ostroumov family. Table of several generations. Compiled by A.L. Patrakova.
    • Individuals in their family environment.
    • Scientific heritage of Russian genealogists.
    • Participation in various scientific conferences, including international congresses and colloquiums.

  2. Bibliographic work

    Compilation of genealogy and family history literature.

  3. Scientific and organizational work

    • Provision of support for the work of the Russian Genealogical Society.
    • Conducting a monthly seminar Genealogy and Family History.
    • Organization of scientific conferences:
      • Annual Petersburg Genealogical Readings
      • People with French backgrounds and their descendants in Russia
      • Immigrants from Holland and their Descendants in Russia
      • Foreign nationals of other Countries and their Descendants in Russia
      • Conferences on the History and Genealogy of Several Families
      • Sheremetev Readings
      • People of Indian Descent
    • Participation in the work of the International Academy of Genealogy.
    • Participation in the activities of the Heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation

  4. Scientific and methodical work

    • Holding seminars for regional and other public libraries on the topic "Genealogy in the Local History of Libraries".
    • Conducting classes at the School of Practical Genealogy at the National Library of Russia.

  5. Acquisition

    Assistance in acquisition of printed materials that are missing in the Library's collections and handwritten materials, including documents from family archives.

  6. Paid Services

    Consultations of  visitors to the National Library of Russia on issues related to genealogy and family history; selection of relevant materials; compilation of generation tabeles, etc.

Contact Information

Address: 18, Sadovaya, St.Petersburg, 191069
Tel.: (812) 310-23-17
Head of the Genealogy Center Igor Sakharov