Partnership with the International Professional Organizations


The National Library of Russia participates in the international library community. It is involved in projects and other activities of a number of international organizations:

Library Assembly of Eurasia, (LAE)
It is not-for-profit partnership uniting the leading libraries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Assembly is involved in the formation of a single information library and socio-cultural space.


International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
The International Federation of Library Associations is the leading international non-governmental and not-for-profit organization representing the interests of library and information professionals and their users. The National Library of Russia formally joined IFLA in 1992. Our library takes part annually in the IFLA General Conferences both as an independent organisation and as a member of the Russian Library Association.



Bibliotheca Baltica
The Association "Baltic Library" is a European organization for libraries in the Baltic region. The National Library of Russia was among its co-founders in 1992. The association sponsors professional information exchange.

Bibliotheca Baltica is also the name of a series of books initiated by the association, thanks to which important works of the cultural heritage of the Baltic countries are available in high-quality publications.



Conference of European National Librarians (CENL)
The Conference of Directors of European National Libraries is a special association that was established in 1987. The National Library of Russia joined the organization in 1995.

The two national libraries of Russia: the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Russian State Library in Moscow, represented in the Conference of European National Librarians.

Within the CENL, our library has been contributing for GABRIEL virtual library project. It is worthy to mention that the National Library of Russia made an important contribution to Guide to Online Resources prepared by the Conference of European National Librarians.

The National Library of Russia also take part in projects sponsored by the Conference of European National Librarians: the European Library and the MACS Project (Multilingual AСcess to Subjects) that aims at providing a multilingual access to subjects in the catalogues of the participants.


Conference оf Directors оf National Libraries of the World (CDNL)
The CDNL is an independent association of chief executives of national libraries, established to facilitate discussion and promote understanding and cooperation on matters of common interest to national libraries worldwide.

The National Library of Russia joined CDNL in 1995.


The International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU)
Ex Libris Group is a software company that develops integrated library systems and other library software. IGeLU unites over 400 member institutions that use Ex Libris products.


The European Library (TEL)
The European Library is an Internet portal that provides access to the resources of 49 European national libraries of Europe and many research libraries.


The European Digital Library "Europeana"
Europeana is the EU digital library that gives access to over 10 million digital objects reflecting various aspects of European culture: digital books, paintings, films, music and archives.

The project officially started in 2008.

More than 3,000 institutions across Europe, including world-famous national library, gallery and museum collections, have contributed to Europeana.


Russian Library Association
The Association joins forces with libraries and other library associations in supporting library development in Russia. It integrates and coordinates their efforts in representing and protecting the interests of Russia's library community, raising the prestige of libraries and improving the social status of the library profession.