Literature of Asian and African Countries. Brief Summary

Collection Holder:

Asian and African Department

Time Span:

from the 15th cent. onwards.


1 244 491 items (for 01.01.2022),
including over 200 thousand books, about 400 thousand journal volumes, 615 234 issues of newspapers (including annual sets), about 4 thousand leaflets, etc.


The holdings comprise publications in the languages of the indigenous peoples of Asia and Africa, Australia and Oceania,  in all media. These are books and brochures, journals and serials, newspapers, leaflets, audio and vidio documents, electronic publications. The collection include Oriental studies, written in Eastern and Latin scripts, related to the peoples of Asia and Africa, Australia and Oceania.

Description of the Collection

Reading Rooms:

Asian & African Collection Room (165/2, Moskovsky Pr.)

Shelf Marks:

The Literature of Asian and African Countries copies are held at the NLR shelfmarks beginning 'ОЛСАА' ('OLSAA') (In old cards – 'OZV')

Other holdings containing publications of the same type:

Some publications in Eastern scripts are also held in the National Literatures stock.