Maps. Brief Summary

Collection Holder:

Maps Department

Time Span:

Russian items are dated from 18th cent. to the present,
foreign items – from 16th cent. onwards.


202 350 cartographic printed publications and  more than 5 thousand electronic copies (for 01.01.2022).


The National Library's collection of printed maps and atlases is the second largest in the country, comprising more than 200,000 items printed in Russia and abroad. It has no equal in Russia either in chronological coverage or in range of publications. The collection also include reproductions of manuscript materials, globes, electronic cartographic publications.

Description of the Collection

Reading Rooms:

Maps Room (1-3, Ostrovsky Square)

Online Catalogues:

The department's holdings are fully represented in the electronic catalogue. The catalogue consists of the following parts:

Cartographic Materials (1994 – the present) (in Russian),
Russian Printed Maps and Atlases(1700 – the present),
Foreign Printed Maps and Atlases (1500 – the present),
Union Catalogue of Eighteenth-century Russian Printed Maps


Shalf Marks:

The Prints Department's publications are held at the NLR shelfmarks beginning with 'К' ('K'). For instance, К 4-Ввол 6 / 451

Other holdings containing publications of the same type:

Manuscript maps and atlases are housed in the Manuscripts Department, early printed atlases (published before 1500) are part of the Rare Books Collection.