Information and Services Center

You needn't have a library card to use the Information Center services, because it has an independent entrance from the Sadovaya street.

The Center offers a range of services that will help you to do your research.

The Center staff can:

  • search for literature by topic;
  • identify relevant resources;
  • answer  brief enquiries;
  • search for factual information.

The sources used by our staff are:

  • catalogues of the National Library of Russia and other  world libraries,
  • online databases and other  e-resources from our web-site and Digital Library,
  • bibliographic indexes, abstract journals and other types of bibliographic publications,
  • free and priced Internet resources.

In the Center, visitors can access computers and do their research on the Internet. If necessary, the staff will help you to find relevant information on the Internet or in online databases. The reguests сan be carried out  at the presence of a customer. 

To make written enquiries,  fill in an order forms at the Enquiry Desks.

The copy services such as photocopying, scanning images and texts are also available at the Information and Service Centre.  Copies can be printed saved  to CDs or other storage media.

The remote users may  e-mail enquiries to

Contact Information

Address: 20, Sadovaya Street, St.-Petersburg, 191069, Russia

Tel.: (812) 718-85-73