Plekhanov House Reading Room

Reading Room of the Plekhanov House
Reading Room of the Plekhanov House


Opening Hours:

Monday — Friday:   9:00 to 17:00;
Saturday, Sunday:    closed.

Number of seats: 8

Contact us: 

Telephone: +7(812) 316-74-11
Address: 1st floor, 1/33, Chetvertaya Krasnoarmeiskaia st., Saint Petersburg


The Plekhanov House Collection contains documents on the study of the history of social movements in Russia and abroad (about 30 thousand items). It includes handwritten documents, personal archives, printed items and electronic documents related to the history of social thought, Russian and international labor movements. The foundation collection is the archive of Georgi Plekhanov, the founder of the social-democratic movement in Russia.

The Plekhanov House Collection have restricted access. These require permission to view. Anyone who wants to do research for work-related or academic purposes will be required to show a request letter (an application) from their organization, confirming the research topic, the purpose and time span of the study.

Ordering Items

Items from the collection will be delivered to the Reading Room upon request. You need to fill out a request form for the item, according to the sample. The delivery time is about 30 min.


The Plekhanov Hous offers tours for visitors. Duration of the tour is 1 hour, no fee is charged.
To make advance reservations for the tour, please call: +7(812) 316-77-74