International Loan Terms

The International Loan Service in the National Library of Russia is based on IFLA recommendations "International Lending: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure".

  1. The National Library of Russia lends post-1870 national and foreign monographs, serials, printed music (originals, photocopies, electronic copies).
  2. The following materials can NOT to be lend: manuscripts, visual materials, newspapers (you can borrow only photocopies), maps, rare books.
  3. All requests should be made via IFLA-forms or via forms adopted in the borrowing library and consisting of no less then 2 parts. Oders by e-mail - are also accepted. You can also fill out the ELECTRONIC FORM.
  4. The maximum loan period is one month. You shoud return borrowed items before the loan period expires.
  5. Borrowed items should be returned by registered post, from the remote libraries - by air mail.
  6. The charge for the loan is 2 IFLA -vouchers (or 20 International Reply Coupons). The charge for 15 pages of photocopies - 1 IFLA-Voucher (10 International Reply Coupons). An extra payment you should pay for the photocopy of more then 15 pages - 2 IFLA-Vouchers.