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The online Catalogue of Foreign Historical Maps and Atlases (1501 - 2004) was created by scanning the similar card catalogue and represents the database of electronic card images.

The catalogue contains records for historical printed maps and atlases (maps, reflecting historical periods or events irrespective of the year of publication), held in the Cartographic Department.
The Catalogue of Foreign Historical Maps and Atlases (1700-2004) is a part of the systematic catalogue maintained by the Cartographic Department, but records, found in the historical catalogue, are not generally duplicated in the Geographical Catalogue arranged alphabetically by geographic heading.
The catalogue includes about 5 thousand cards. Catalogue records contain full bibliographic details representing a cartographic item and added entries under the names of historical events.

See also the Catalogue of Russian Historical Maps and Atlases (1700-2004).

Please note! The catalogue has guide cards arranged in chronological order. All guide cards are provided for the user.

The catalogue consists of some sections. A typical section comprises several cards, each one numbered sequentially. The Catalogue Search identifies only the guide card, which is at the beginning of each section. To see the contents of a section, press the guide card.

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