Collection Holder:

Department of Archival Documents

Time Span:

manuscript/ typewritten documents – from 1795 to the present;
the NLR publications – from 1934 onwards;
microfilms – from 1795 to 1866; from 1918 to 1972.


about 100 thousand items, including:
manuscript/ typewritten documents – over 87 thousand items; the NLR publications – more than 1,2 thousand items,
microfilms – overе 6,7 thousand items.


The archives of the National Library of Russia have been formed from documents produced in course of the library's activities since the 19th century onwards.  They contain decrees and acts of the government and other higher authorities, addressed to our library; orders and instructions issued by its directorate, statutes, regulations; plans and reports on the library's activities; documents on the library collections: the acquisition of materials for them, their organization, description, cataloging; on services to readers and the use of holdings; on the NLR's interlibrary and scientific links with individuals and institutions in Russia and abroad; materials about scientific, publishing, public and cultural activities.

Reading Rooms:

Archival Documents Room (1/3, Ostrovsky Square)

Online Catalogues:

The archival documents are not listed in the electronic catalogues.
See Inventory to F. 1 'Imperial Public Library. 1795 – 1916' (in Russian).

Shalf Marks:

The Prints Department's publications are held at the NLR shelfmarks beginning with 'ОАД РНБ. Ф. 1.' ('OAD RNB. F. 1.'). For instance, ОАД РНБ. Ф. 1. Оп. 1, 1866. Д. 3; ОАД РНБ. Ф 1. Оп. 1 а, 1916.Д. 7

Other holdings containing publications of the same type:

The 19th – early 20th century documents are held in the Manuscripts Department of the NLR, in particular, in the personal archives of Alexei Olenin, Baron Mikhail Korf, Prince Vladimir Odoyevsky, the Bychkov family and others.