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The Library Science stocks form one of the largest specialized collections in Russia. It encompasses almost 140 thousand volumes of printed books and journals dated from the 19th century onwards. These are Russian and Western European publications on the theory and history of library science, bibliography, bibliology and scientific information. Among them are the nineteenth century rare editions that promote research into the history of domestic and foreign libraries.

The collection includes works by prominent Russian theorists and librarians. The works of leading modern Russian and foreign specialists are also fully represented. The collection contains over 8 thousand books in Western European languages. An example is the unique 50 volume work Handbuch der historischen by V. Fabian. It traces the history of more than a thousand German libraries, gives a broad picture of the distribution of German publications in Europe. Colleagues from Western countries and Russia took part in its preparation.

The range of specialized journals and serials, both modern and past, is rather broad. The collection contains over 600 titles of domestic journals and 1000 titles of foreign journals from 25 countries of the world: Asia, America, Europe.

The holdings includes a collection of the Publications of the National Library of Russia. The collection consists of publications printed throughout the more than 200-year history of the NLR and reflecting its diverse activities, including the scientific work of its staff, works prepared in cooperation with other Russian and foreign institutions and organizations. The collection embraces books and periodicals in Russian and Western European languages. Among them are monographs on librarianship, bibliography, history books, reports, statutes, guidebooks, united catalogues, reference books and bibliographical aids, methodological and informational materials, etc.

For many decades, the NLR has been the basis for the study of library science and the history of domestic libraries. It provides assistance to librarians in development of projects and research on educational, scientific, academic activities; in performing production work, in training students in library specialties, etc.


  • Publications of the National Library of Russia (from 1809 to the present).
    [About 6 thousand items and titles]
    A collection of printed documents published throughout the 200-year history of the MFN and reflecting its diverse activities.


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