Library Science Literature. Brief Summary

Collection Holder:

Department of the Library Holdings and Services

Time Span:

from the 19th century to the present.


142 535 items (for 01.01.2022). Including:
- more than 72 thousand books,
-over 68 thousand journal volumes.


The Library Science  stocks are one of the largest specialized collections in Russia. It contains almost 140 thousand volumes of printed books and journals dated from the 19th century onwards. These are Russian and Western European publications on the theory and history of library science, bibliography, bibliology and scientific information. Among them are the nineteenth century rare editions that promote research into the history of domestic and foreign libraries.

Description of the Collection

Reading Rooms:

Library Science Room (1/3, Ostrovsky Square)

Online Catalogues:

General Author/ Title Catalogue of Books in Russian (1725 – 1998).
If you have not found an item, you can send an inquiry to bibliographers through the online form.

Shelf Marks:

The copies on Library Science are held at the NLR shelfmarks beginning 'Б' ('B'). For instance: Б Б135/М-791

Full-text resources (in Russian):


Other holdings containing publications of the same type:

The publications on Library Science are presented in Open Access Collections :

Universal Reading Room (Main Building)
 Social Sciences & Economics Room (New Building)
Humanities and Arts Room (New Building)
Medicine & Biology, Science & Technology Room (New Building).
Items, with title pages or most of the contents in the languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation, are housed in the collections of National Literatures and Literature of Asian and African Countries.