Printed Music Room

Printed Music Room
Printed Music Room


Opening Hours:

Monday — Friday:  12:00 to 21:00;
Saturday, Sunday: 11:00 to 19:00.

Number of seats : 19

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Telephone: +7(812) 318-90-90, (extension 4329)
Address: 1st floor, 36, the Fontanka Embankment, Saint Petersburg


Here you can view items from the Printed Music Collection

The National Library of Russia holds one of the richest collections of sheet music in the country. It includes unique foreign early printed items from the sixteenth century and the first Russian music publications dated back the early eighteenth century and many other rare items. The holdings also contain audio, video and gramophone recordings. Auxiliary books collection includes encyclopedias, reference books, monographs, musical-critical literature, publication of letters and memoirs.

In the room, You can consult card catalogues and indexes or use the partly scanned Author/Title Catalogue of Printed Music (1518- ).

Items from the collection will be delivered to the Printed Music Reading Room upon request. These doesn't require prior ordering and much delivery time. You need to fill out a request form for the item, according to the sample. There are restrictions on the use of antique and rare editions.

Copying and printing services are provided at the Copy Service Desk. Orders for music material you want to copy are accepted in the Printed Music Reading Room. Copying services are paid.

If You need help, ask our reference librarians and bibliographers.


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The Library is open
Monday—Friday from 9:00 to 21:00;
Saturday, Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00.

The Library is closed on public holidays and last Tuesday of each month.
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