Electronic Documents on Local Media. Brief Summary

Collection Holder:

Department of the Library Holdings and Services

Time Span:

from 2004 to the present.


about 50 thousand items (for 01.01.2019)


The collection  embraces non-network electronic publications on CDs or DVDs, including audio and multimedia materials as well as  digital analogues of printed publications. It comprises e-books, audiobooks (talking books), audio-recorded plays, guides to museums and architectural monuments, courses on foreign languages, textbooks, teaching materials, self-study systems, training simulators, workshops on various university disciplines and school subjects, practical guides, manuals, guides for specialists in various fields of knowledge, conference materials,  computer-aided design systems, engineering and modeling systems. The collection of e-documents are universal in type and content.

Reading Rooms:

Room for Individual Use (165/2, Moskovsky Pr.)

Online Catalogues:

If you have not found an item, you can send an inquiry to bibliographers through the online form.

Shelf Marks:

The electronic copies are held at the NLR shelfmarks beginning with  'CD' or 'DVD'. For instance: CD 2012-1/35; DVD 2011-2/85; CDi 2010-2/45; DVDi 2011-2/25

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Other holdings containing publications of the same type: