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Newspapers Department

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from 18th century onwards.
- domestic newspapers – from 1728 to the present;
- foreign items – from 1789 to the present.


805.562 items (for 01.12.2018)


The library's stock of newspapers is remarkably complete and wide-ranging, comprising more than 1,5 million copies, 500 thousand annual sets of domestic and foreign newspapers. In geographical scope it fully covers the gigantic territory that was once the Russian Empire, from Warsaw to Vladivostok. In the two centuries of its existence, the Russian state produced secular and religious, official and opposition, entertainment and business newspapers with more than 6,000 different titles.
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Newspapers Room (36, the Fontanka Embankment)

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Russian Newspapers (1703 - 1917)
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I - 15; Р -1/2581; А 21; Газ 1Р/I-2581; Одн 1923/34

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