European Periodicals. Brief Summary

Collection Holder:

Department of the Library Holdings and Services

Time Span:

from 17th cent. – to the present.
- publications in Western European languages – from 17th cent. to the present;
- publications in Slavonic languages- from 19th cent. to the present;
- publications in Finish - from 19th cent. to the present.


3 502 389 items, over 44 titles (for 01.01.2022)


The foreign journal holdings consist of 3,5 million journals and serials published in European languages since 17th century. They cover all fields of knowledge and include leading journals in the natural sciences, medicine, technology, linguistics, literary criticism, architecture, arts. Of particular value are publications of the Western European Academies, an extensive collection of natural science journals, many of which have been preserved in the Library since the early years of publication. Noteworthy also are the magazines on literature and art issued by the "Russian community abroad".

Description of the Collection

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Foriegn Journals Room (165/2, Moskovsky Pr.)

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Foreign Journals/Serials
Union Catalogue of Publications in Finno-Ugric

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Р7/540; II.17; Сл П – 4/19; 16 gal.D'.2.91;; X.Gal.16.4

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