European Books. Brief Summary

Collection Holder:

Department of the Library Holdings and Services

Time Span:

с 1501 г. – to the present.
- publications in Western European languages - from 1501 to the present;
- publications in Slavonic languages- from 17th cent.– to the present;
- publications in Finish - from 17th cent.– to the present.


2 017 517 items (for 01.01.2022)


The foreign book holdings are made up of works published in European languages since 1501 in various fields of learning. They trace the history of science, the history of socio-political and revolutionary movements in the countries of Western Europe over several centuries. It is one of the largest collections in Russia. 

Description of the Collection

Reading Rooms:

Lenin Reading Room (1/3, Ostrovsky Sq.; advance order of publications from 16th cent. to 1940)
Reader Service Desks (165/2, Moskovsky Pr.; advance order of publications from 1941 to the present)

Shelf Marks:

2003-5/1526; A-1/115; 153/16;; С.28.2.1; H Фин/2-187; Мд11 г-3/17

Other holdings containing publications of the same type:

The 16th century rarities are included in the collection of Rare Books. Books on arts are housed in the Prints Department. Publications describing travels to different countries, with many maps attached, are kept in the Maps Department. Some reference books are also stored in the Central Reference Library.


European Books Collection

European Books. Brief Summary